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When it comes to relief for patients suffering from persistent dry skin conditions, it seems AmLactin® alpha-hydroxy skin care is proven to be the recommendation of choice. Quite logical when you take into account the range of moisturizing solutions available—from a lotion for broad applications to creams for more targeted dry skin areas.

AmLactin® Moisturizing Body Lotion—with 12% lactic acid, this is the everyday body lotion for patients with rough, dry skin.

AmLactin® Ultra Hydrating Body Cream—specially formulated triple-action, alpha-hydroxy therapy with a patented ULTRAPLEX® formula. For severe, persistently dry skin areas that need special attention.

AmLactin® Foot Cream—the ultimate recovery therapy that heals, repairs, and softens for patients who present with tough, callused feet. Contains patented ULTRAPLEX®.

You know the benefits of alpha-hydroxy acid when it comes to gently exfoliating and intensely hydrating your patients’ skin. You also know that when an AHA is combined with a formula that’s pH-balanced for the skin and contains humectants and emollients, the outcomes can be downright impressive. Add all that to our new packaging, and your recommendation has never looked so good.